Women are no longer waiting…

Women are no longer waiting…


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Women are no longer waiting for men to shower them with gems

Let’s go, ladies! Newsweek reports that the percentage of women buying jewelry for themselves is increasing. At High Performance Diamonds we see the same and applaud the attention this evolution is getting. Of course many gentlemen are out there purchasing diamonds for their loved ones, and we provide them with the best possible advice and help. But when the lady herself is involved, whether with her man or just to treat herself, the magnificent sparkle of Crafted By Infinity diamonds is something to point to immediately. Why? Because it overcomes the frustration of sifting through other less-important Cs and focusing on the main thing: Sparkle!

Read the full Newsweek story here.

A 100-carat perfect diamond in a classic emerald-cut at Sotheby’s in London

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