Which type of diamond buyer are you?

Which type of diamond buyer are you?



A recent blog post written by Rob Bates for JCK Marketplace focuses on the 5 types of jewelry customers according to a study conducted by Signet Jewelers; parent company of the Jared brand, Kay Jewelers, Sterling, and Zales. The market survey conducted by Signet Jewelers determined that there are five basic types of jewelry buyer:

  • The Sentimentalist
  • The Stylish Shopper
  • The Influencer
  • The Gifter
  • and Simply Practical

According to Signet Jewelers CEO Mark Light, the description for each of the five categories of jewelry buyer are as follows:

The sentimentalist: “This customer likes high-quality jewelry with sentimental value and looks for timeless pieces that last.”

The gifter: “This customer literally buys jewelry only as a gift.” Light also said that “He or she doesn’t know much about jewelry and frankly doesn’t enjoy the shopping experience. But they know they better buy some jewelry.”

The stylish shopper: “This customer likes the extra bling they get from jewelry, wears jewelry often, and thinks about it as part of an outfit.”

The influencer: “This customer buys jewelry for others or him or herself, uses jewelry to show status, and cares very much about brands.”

The Simply practical shopper: “This customer is a low-key purchaser who likes inexpensive jewelry and likes to wear it every day.”

What type of diamond jewelry buyer are youWhether you’re a Sentimentalist, Gifter, Stylish Shopper, Influencer, or a Simply Practical shopper, it occurs to me that a Crafted By Infinity diamond fits perfectly whether it is 0.50 carats or 5.00 carats. It’s no wonder, considering the value-proposition and beauty of Infinity are not found anywhere else. You know, it strikes me that Rob Bates should be a client of High Performance Diamonds (HPD) if he isn’t already; since the #1 factor in his article seems to be Trust. From Wink Jones to his suppliers, to his bench staff, and his assistants, that’s a characteristic which defines HPD.

Read the Full Story in JCK Markeplace.

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