Tie the Knot with The Right Diamond!

Tie the Knot with The Right Diamond!



The Knot released the results of The Knot 2015 Jewelry & Engagement Study earlier this week. The third biannual report, which is the largest of its kind, surveyed more than 12,000 brides and 1,200 grooms from the United States, who are recently engaged or married from 2014 to early 2015. The goal of the survey is to uncover the financial spending habits and trends of proposals in the United States. The study includes national statistics on the average cost of an engagement ring and wedding band, proposal planning and trends, ring styles and other key statistics related to proposals and wedding jewelry.

“With engagement ring spend on the rise, we’re seeing men put more thought, time and energy into buying the perfect ring and creating a more memorable proposal,” said Kellie Gould, Editor in Chief of The Knot. “Believe it or not, brides are taking an active role in their engagement, too. In fact, more brides than ever are researching what they want in a ring and dropping hints to their husband-to-be. Our study even reveals that a majority of brides know the cost of their engagement ring.”

The Knot 2015 engagement ring and wedding surveyThe results of the study indicate that men are spending an average of $5,978.00 on an engagement ring, which is up from $5,403 in 2013 and $5,095 in 2011. However it’s not the cost of an engagement ring that impresses me. What I like to see is that men are spending more time learning about diamonds (from people like me) before they buy! They’re not just strolling into a jewelry store and buying the first diamond ring that they see.

And women are taking a more active role in selecting the diamond and the engagement ring. This might be a relatively new development as far as the industry is concerned, but I know for a fact that Wink gets a lot of calls from women (!) who want to ensure that the diamond selected for their engagement ring is of the highest cut quality. Which is why they direct their fiance-to-be to High Performance Diamonds, who sells nothing but Crafted by Infinity diamonds.

According to the Knot survey, eighty-five percent of men would rather buy a smaller, better quality diamond than a larger stone of lesser quality, and 57% of brides admit that they’d rather have a smaller, better quality diamond than a larger stone of lesser quality. Sounds right to me. Give me the quality and superior sparkle of a Crafted by Infinity diamond over a hunk of diamond that just sits there doing nothing any day of the week!

But what’s this part about guys spending an average of 4.8 months to research buying a diamond engagement ring? Let me make it easy for you. Diamonds are a three-dimensional geometric prism. This means that the proportions of the diamond need to be ideal in order for the diamond to return the highest volume of light return. And the facets of the diamond need to be consistent in size, shape, and alignment upon the surface of the diamond in order to create the highest amount of sparkle. This describes every diamond produced by Crafted by Infinity. Now how long did it take you to read that paragraph? 30 seconds?

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