Without the right guy, everything else is just an accessory

Without the right guy, everything else is just an accessory



Mysterious ring gift, the right guySometimes to begin, you must go to the end. And thus I’m going to begin this blog post with the quote that ended the article I just finished reading: “Without the right guy, everything else is just an accessory.” Truer words have never been spoken. This sums up everything everybody needs to know about life. Feel free to substitute “guy” for “gal” if you happen to be a straight male, or a woman who prefers ladies..don’t get caught up in the terminology. Simply grasp the concept that everything else is an accessory if you’re not with the right person (my oh my, the lengths a writer has to go to in order to remain politically correct these days)… Anyway. This story is pretty cool. Imagine answering the front door a few days before your anniversary, signing for a delivery from Neiman Marcus, and opening the box to discover that your husband of 25 years had sent you “a statement ring” that clearly showed that after 25 years of marriage, your husband still didn’t get your taste in jewelry. This is the experience described by Patricia Morrisroe in the article “Uniting a Mysterious Ring With Its Rightful Owner“.

No need for a Spoiler Alert. Because I’m not going to give away the punch line to this story. All I’m going to say is wow. Props to Patricia for being such an upstanding citizen, and going to such lengths to make things right. This story has more twists and turns than the plumbing under my house! Oh if only Wink would let me blog about that one day! Needless to say that if Stefan had purchased this ring from High Performance Diamonds, that none of this would likely have transpired. Just Say’n.

Image credit: Brian Rea / NY Times.

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