The history of diamond mining.

The history of diamond mining.



History of diamond mining, photo courtesy of associated pressIn the event that your venture down the yellow brick road to the Land of Diamond-o-berbia where all your diamond engagement rings become true leaves you thirsty for more knowledge than the 4C’s of Diamond Grading can provide, Canadian jeweler Sevan Tosun had created an interactive time line that provides a simplified presentation of the history of diamond mining.

Without a doubt, it is interesting to know that despite the fact that the diamond in your engagement ring is more than 900 million years  old, that the earliest recorded reference to the existence of diamonds occurred around 800 B.C.

It is exciting to imagine the first diamonds being discovered in India, and then being transported along the silk roads that connected India and China as trade routes… And to discover that the current engagement period that occurs between the presentation of an engagement ring and the marriage ceremony was first introduced by the Romans shortly after 1200 A.D., and that the marriage ceremony had to be performed in a Catholic church by law. And that apparently only “special people” were allowed to wear jewelry adorned with diamonds or other precious gems!

How times have changed! Now practically anybody can adorn themselves with the most amazing and vibrant of diamonds, those Crafted by Infinity and distributed online by Wink of High Performance Diamonds… I wonder what would the royalty of Roman times would have to say about that? Off with their heads or let them eat cake!?!?

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