Texas Robber Foiled by Facebook

Texas Robber Foiled by Facebook



Carlos Mencia Dee Dee Dee song, courtesy of Comedy CentralA friend of mine likes to say “You can’t fix stupid.” It seems to me that this story of a “Dee Dee Dee” by the name of Kenneth Dewayne Cooper falls into that category. “Allegedly” Cooper strolled into a Ben Bridge Jewelry store in Austin, Texas wearing a Fargo-style cap and robbed the store of between 20 – 30 Rolex watches on January 11th. The video of the robbery shows Cooper and an accomplice robbing the store, his accomplice is only wearing a hoodie to mask his features. That alone screams “Dee Dee Dee,” which is a phrase used by the comedian Carlos Mencia to describe somebody who is just plain stupid. Actually Mencia uses the word another derogatory word but I prefer to take the high road here.

But to be perfectly honest, when I read the story about these two idiots robbing Ben Bridge Jewelers, the Dee Dee Dee song just popped into my head. Perhaps it is the simple correlation between the presence of the Fargo hat on Cooper’s head and the hockey helmet on the guy pictured in the video. Or maybe it was because Cooper was identified because he posted a picture of himself wearing the Fargo-style hat on Facebook a few days prior to the robbery!

The remaining details of the robbery are really not that interesting to me, the guys robbed the jewelry store, escaped in a Dodge Charger which was later found abandoned, and ditched the loot on the side of the highway for some unknown reason. Cooper was already in jail at the time he was identified as a suspect, because he got into an argument with his girlfriend and threatened to shoot her. Another “Dee Dee Dee” move, clearly. What more is there to say? No doubt that Cooper is going to look pretty darn cute in that bright orange DOC jumpsuit, I wonder if they’ll let him keep the hat?

Read the Full Story on KXAN TV.

Photo courtesy of Comedy Central.

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