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The Most Important C – Customers

A diamond is never so alive as when its sparkle is reflected in the eyes of its wearer. We feel that no photo we produce can possibly be as telling as the joyful images and videos sent in by delighted clients.

We invite you to email those memorable moments to us. We will proudly post a page you can share with family and friends.

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Dear Wink and the incredible staff at High Performance Diamonds,

First and foremost, thank you for your expertise and patience in helping me select an incredible diamond for my fiancée's engagement ring. You took someone who knew very little about diamonds and provided him with knowledge and, most importantly, comfort in purchasing something that will be cherished for a lifetime.

The journey started with an initial trip to my local jewelry store and learning about the "Triple X" -- cut, symmetry and polish. The crash course in diamond grading left me feeling a bit overwhelmed and shocked; so doing what any reasonable person would do, jumped online and googled "how to buy a diamond". (Again, this didn't help with the feeling of being way over my head. The saying, "Drinking from a firehose" comes to mind.) Luckily, I stumbled upon Todd Gray from; his website had a great way of explaining what one should look for in a diamond and I felt comfortable contacting him for his advice. His recommendations were Crafted by Infinity diamonds offered by you and High Performance Diamonds. (What an apt business name!)

I loved the service I received from you and Melissa the moment I contacted you. I appreciate you answering all my emails about the process from the diamond itself to the setting and I especially loved the high-resolution video you sent me of our diamond before sending it off to Vatché to be set. In the end, my fiancée and I are over the moon about the engagement ring and we have you to thank for it. I hope you will bring this much joy to others as you have done for us.

Naurry Kwon and Aimee Janesky