Synthetic Diamonds: Fabulous or Fake?

Synthetic Diamonds: Fabulous or Fake?



So I’m reading this article by Rob Bates in JCK magazine on the topic of synthetic diamonds. He views synthetic diamonds as a threat to the diamond industry, and suggest that we refer to them as machine made. However the law says that such diamonds, which are not mine from the ground, should be called synthetic or laboratory created. In fact the ISO is extremely STRICT about this, which I covered in my blog article; It’s the law. “DIAMOND” means Natural Diamond. So the term lab grown diamonds used in his article is actually considered to be illegal representation of these man-made stones. But let’s just explore this topic from the perspective of a woman who loves her diamonds. I think that Rob Bates is missing the entire concept…

Synthetic man-made diamonds, fake or fabulous?I happen to be a real woman, not a synthetic. In this burgeoning age of artificial intelligence, I’m the real thing. The genuine article. Forget about all the controversy surrounding the terms used to describe man made diamonds. From my perspective, it doesn’t matter whether we refer to them as non-mined, machine made, synthetic, or lab grown. They’re simply not real. They might as well be counterfeit.

The century long appeal of diamonds, natural diamonds, is logically based upon their inherent value. Historically diamonds have increased in value, year after year, century upon century. Whereas the price of synthetic diamonds, becomes less with each year. The thought that the symbol of our love which decorates my finger depreciating in value, year after year, does not bode well with me.

Synthetic diamonds. Not real. Not genuine. Does that sound like a good foundation for our relationship? Gee Wally, nothing says “I genuinely love you” like a synthetic diamond. I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but the thought of a man dropping down on one knee and proposing to me with a man-made synthetic diamond, just seems to be lacking in the romance department.

From the perspective of dollars and cents, synthetic diamonds just reek of bad investment strategy. The cost of synthetic diamonds depreciates year after year. Anybody “investing in synthetic diamonds” whether diamond cutter, wholesaler, or retailer, should understand that their competitor can buy the exact same thing for less tomorrow! If you buy a synthetic diamond today, you’d better make sure to sell it quickly. The price of these things seems to fall faster than rain in a hurricane. Whereas the diamonds that I currently wear on my fingers increase in value year after year, just as our love should grow.

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