Sparkling Gold and Diamond Manicures. Oh My!

Sparkling Gold and Diamond Manicures. Oh My!



We previously plunged Down The Rabbit Hole of the Luxury Diamond Market where we explored lavish ways to spoil your beloved with diamond martinis, elegant diamond crested rooms at the Ritz, and Crafted by Infinity’s Meet The Diamond Cutter events. Here is another innovative idea which takes the cake, and the frosting!

Diamond studded royalty nail art, photo courtesy of Images Nail Lounge of CaliforniaImages Nail Lounge of California offers diamonds and gold-lacquer manicures which they dub as nail royalty and not nail art. Can you imagine? A literal fist full of dollars guaranteed to get the attention of everybody in the room. And what a stunning way to complement this 2.50 ct Crafted By Infinity diamond!

The combined effect of a Crafted by Infinity diamond and this dazzling set of nails will definitely require a new pair of diamond studded sunglasses for the supernova of sparkle that your hands will be putting off. Of course you’ll also need to purchase that Big Infinity diamond first, but that should be no hurdle if you’re prepared to plop down $25K on your nails!

I haven’t found the diamond studded sunglasses yet by the way, but I’m pretty sure that if I hit the lottery that Wink from High Performance Diamonds will be happy to custom design that dream for my collection!

Want to learn some sexy moves for your new look? No problem. Images Nail Lounge provides this provocative “instructional” (ahem) video they call 50 Shades Of Gold. What else, right?

More details in this article in The Pursuitist.

Photo credit: The Pursuitist.

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