“Something Borrowed” is Supposed to Signify Happiness (not theft)

“Something Borrowed” is Supposed to Signify Happiness (not theft)



Did my jeweler steal my diamond? Daniel Cervantes of Diamonds Are Forever and Cervantes Jewelers accused by Irvine PDWe hate horror stories about the jewelry industry, but still like to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with you because there are lessons to be gleaned from all sorts of experience. According to JCK Magazine, California jeweler Daniel Cervantes has been charged with seven counts of grand theft for allegedly stealing wedding and engagement rings from customers. According to the police statement, Cervantes operates Diamonds Are Forever and Cervantes Jewelers.

Each time this type of horror story comes up, we can only be very sad. It seems like there are so many negative stories being circulated about the diamond and jewelry industry. However this is because we tend to focus on the mishaps of an industry, rather than focus on the fact that the majority of the industry is comprised of really good people.

Our natural desire to protect ourselves and secure our belongings makes stories such as this overshadow all the good. But really, this type of story invariably focuses on some of the incredible exceptions that exist within our industry (and every other). While we believe that the majority of jewelers are hard-working, trustworthy people, there are always a few bad apples in every bushel.

So please do a little research before handing over your valuables or hard-earned cash to anybody. Research their reputation and do a little due diligence. Look beyond the shiny exterior and surface gleam of a business, and dig into their reputation online and within your community. Sometimes it’s as simple as typing “High Performance Diamonds Reviews” or “Crafted by Infinity Diamonds Reviews” into Google.

Read the Full Story in JCK Magazine.

Photo Courtesy: Irvine California Police Department.

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