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Crafted by Infinity Diamonds


The amazing Round Brilliant weighs in at 0.61 Carats with a VS1 Clarity and H Color


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Diamond Details
Shape Round Brilliant
Weight 0.61 Ct.
Measurements 5.46 - 5.49 X 3.35 mm
Color H
Clarity VS1
Cut Grade
Ideal (0)
Light Performance
Polish Symmetry
Download Grading Report AGS 8955
Excerpt Details
Table Size 55.9%
Total Depth 61.3%
Pavilion Angle 40.8°
Crown Angle 34.5°
Clarity VS1
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Pavilion Angle is an average of 8 measurements. Crown Angle, Star and Lower Half represent 32 others and no data is given for the 16 upper halves. “Proportions” are limited, two-dimensional and often rounded.

We’re proud of our data but urge you to get the whole story: Insist on the AGS ASET��� image for any diamond. Insist on actual Hearts & Arrows images for H&A diamonds. A dealer with top cuts should enthusiastically provide these things. Visit our Performance and Precision Tutorials for expert details.

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Additional Information
Infinity Diamonds Are
  • Conflict Free Guarantee
  • Lifetime Trade-up
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  • 5% Wire Transfer Discount
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  • 21 Day Full-Refund Return Period
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Conflict-Free Guarantee

Infinity Diamonds are produced in accordance with the United Nations Kimberley Process, Belgian Federal AML compliance, the United States Clean Diamonds Act and the voluntary JVC-USA Patriot Act Compliance Program in cooperation with legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict. Infinity Diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict-free based on perear knowledge and/or written guarantees with partners who are known to us and share a kindred commitment to humanitarian rights and "green" practices.

Lifetime Trade-Up

Infinity credits 100% of your diamond's purchase price, less applicable tax and shipping, toward a more expensive Infinity diamond through the origina authorized Infinity dealer. Diamond rand grading report must be in original undamaged condition. Setting and other charges may apply.

Invitation to Meet The Cutter

Infinity owners are invited to annual reception-roundtables featuring founder and diamond designer Paul Slegers of Infinity Diamonds in Antwerp, Belgium. "Meet The Cutter" presentations are hosted by dealers in cities around the USA and Europe. Contact your authorized Infinity dealer for times and locations and come meet your diamond's cutter.

5% Wire Transfer Discount

Paying by wire transfer eliminates credit card fees and reduces risk of fraud. Your bank should offer this service for a fee that’s typically inconsequential compared to your savings. When you are ready to make a purchase we can email you precise instructions. Wire transfers are required for international purchases. Specials excluded. This offer may not be combined with other discounts.

Free Shipping

All items are shipped to you via FedEx Priority Overnight Insured. We pay for shipping unless you choose to return the item in which case there is a recovery fee. See our FAQ for details.

Free Appraisal for Insruance

We gladly provide a professional evaluation-appraisal if you plan to secure insurance for your ring. This is a courtesy on our part. We make it clear we were involved in the sale so it is not a third-party appraisal. These documents are regularly accepted by insurance companies.

Free Gem Kit with Diamond Purchase

We want you to enjoy the perfection of your High Performance Diamond and demonstrate it to others, so we provide a free Gem Kit. You will have a 10X jeweler’s loupe, hand-held Ideal-Scope®, Hearts & Arrows viewer and temporary diamond holder which resembles a ring in white or yellow metal. Note that the Gem Kit must be returned if you return the diamond, or you may elect to keep it for $50.

21 Day Full-Refund Return Period

We are so confident you will fall in love with your High Performance Diamond that we offer a 21 day pre-purchase inspection period. Upon receipt of payment by bank wire transfer, or security authorization by a credit-card company, we are happy to send loose diamonds to you. You will have twenty-one (21) days of inspection, at any time during which you may return the item(s) for a full refund, less original shipping.

80% Lifetime Buy Back

For any reason you may return an undamaged Crafted by Infinity diamond and accompanying AGS report to us for buyback. Upon verification that it is in its original undamaged condition, locally and from the AGS, we will gladly repurchase it for 80% of what you originally paid. This may not sound like a great deal unless you have ever tried to sell a diamond back to a traditional jeweler where the typical offer is ten to thirty percent of the original purchase price.