When I say I want a pair of ruby red slippers…

When I say I want a pair of ruby red slippers…



I was very excited this morning to discover that True North Gems has a new ruby mine in development in Greenland, because I’ve wanted a pair of ruby red slippers ever since I was a girl. And when I say that I want “ruby” red slippers, I mean that I want them made out of rubies! Genuine rubies, none of that lab grown, lab created, synthetic, simulated, or just plain old red glass stuff either, I mean good old fashioned, pulled out of the ground, precious, natural ruby! …and “when I gain those ruby slippers, my power will be the greatest in Oz.”

The first thing that I’m going to do is click my heels together twice, and be transported to Antwerp, Belgium so that I can wander about the diamond cutting factory of Crafted by Infinity. First stop, the vault. Do you know that they’ve never let me in it? In fact, they’ve never invited me to the office, not once! Oh sure, they invited Wink from High Performance Diamonds, but he’s just the boss… everybody knows that everybody comes here to visit with me and listen to what I have to say…

Uncut rough ruby crystals, photo courtesy of True North GemsWhen they kidnapped and forced me to write for them, Wink, Paul, and John, told me to keep an eye out for announcements about new diamond mines. Those are certainly exciting because that always raises the possibility that a really big diamond will be discovered, and then of course that somebody might present it to me as an engagement ring! But a new ruby mine in development is huge, especially if it is under the control of a developed country such as Greenland, because that probably means that natural rubies will soon be available from a source that employs good environmental and humanitarian practices. It will be like a breath of fresh air in the business of rubies and pink sapphires! Of course, these rough, uncut ruby crystals are going to have to be sorted, cut, and polished before they’re of any use to me.

Read the full story on True North Gems.

Photo credit: True North Gems.

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