Questioning Brazil’s Diamond Operations

Questioning Brazil’s Diamond Operations



Artisanal diamond mining operation Brazil, courtesy of SFGATEI have to admit that I love the photographs provided in this article featured in SFGATE about artisanal diamond mining operations in Brazil. However I have my doubts about the integrity of diamond mining in Brazil, given some of what I know about the problems which exist with emerald mining in that country.

I checked with the folks at Crafted by Infinity, and they seem to share my concerns about Brazil as a diamond producing country. They showed me these figures from the Kimberley Process, and pointed out some interesting discrepancies.

It seems that Brazil managed to produce a small volume of diamonds in 2014, roughly $2.7  million dollars. They imported $186K in rough diamonds. But exported over $12 million. Where did the extra $10 million in diamonds come from? Paul told me that this might be an indication of Brazil being used for money-laundering, and that for that reason, CBI is steering clear from all Brazilian-sourced diamond rough.

Read the Full Article in SFGATE and see some pretty cool pictures!

Photo Credit: SFGATE.

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