Pandora Punches Alex and Ani in the Bottom Line

Pandora Punches Alex and Ani in the Bottom Line



Alex and Ani charm bracelets battle with Pandora of AustraliaFamed charm bracelet producer Pandora has delivered a daunting blow to Alex and Ani in an effort to maintain the loyalty of retail jewelers who carry their line in Australia. But is the action moral, ethical, and legal? In an email titled “competing products” sent out last Monday night, the Pandora charm company reminded its retail distributors that Pandora products cannot be sold alongside competing products.

The email seems to stem from a recent announcement by charm company Alex and Ani opening Australia as a market for their charm bracelet designs. I don’t know what the big deal is myself, since this picture of the midnight charm bracelet by Alex and Ani doesn’t look anything like a Pandora bracelet to me.

More important than that, is that I feel it’s unfair for the Pandora charm bracelet company to attempt to limit the variety of choices available to consumers via their chosen retailer. There appears to be some discussion amongst jewelers as to whether this action by Pandora constitutes a violation of fair  trade. The courts will sort that out, I suppose, but all of this reminds me of the song “you give love a bad name…” by Bon Jovi.

I can’t imagine Crafted by Infinity ever attempting to restrict their retail partners to providing only one brand of diamond for their customers. Then again, I can’t imagine that anybody would actually choose another diamond over one Crafted by Infinity after having compared them side-by-side, because CBI blows everything that I’ve seen out of the water! Perhaps that is the point.

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Photo Courtesy of Alex and Ani.

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