OOPS! Bloomingdales gives away $10,000 Earrings

OOPS! Bloomingdales gives away $10,000 Earrings




hpd-blog-bloomingdalesTalk about a computer-error!

Numerous clients of Bloomingdales‘ loyalty-program were issued thousands of dollars in gift-cards rather than points to their account. Before it was corrected one fast-acting customer took advantage of the situation and walked away with whopping $10,000 earrings and a $5,000 watch.

Other clients made orders online but later that day Bloomingdales canceled the orders with an apology.

Bloomingdales has asked the earring-and-watch grabber – who wishes to remain anonymous – to please return the merchandise he purchased.

Their offer: If he will return the $15,000 in jewelry they will give him a $100 gift card. If not (drum roll please) he will be BANNED from their loyalty program!

You can find more details in this article by Logan Sachon of JCK Online.

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