Notorious Jewel Thief Doris Payne Strikes Again

Notorious Jewel Thief Doris Payne Strikes Again



old_lady_gunThere is something about diamond heists that always seem to grab our attention, most of them are along the lines of this million dollar robbery that occurred in Houston recently, which is the type of thing that is truly scary! But on the flip side of the coin are more subtle operators like 84 year old Doris Payne, who recently ripped off a David Yurman store inside the upscale SouthPark mall in Charlotte, North Carolina, using sleight of hand and basic distraction techniques.

While crime is never funny, and we take such things very seriously in the diamond business, it seems to us that the notorious crime spree of Doris Payne would make an interesting movie! And it would probably be more lucrative than her “career” as a jewelry thief! By the way, that is not Doris Payne pictured to the left, you can see what she really looks like in this feature article in People Magazine.

Interestingly enough, it seems that the sales staff of Tiffany & Co., attempted to warn the staff of their competitor David Yurman when they spotted Doris Payne walking into the store, but she was in and out faster than they could respond!

Interestingly I found myself humming the theme song to the Pink Panther movie while writing this, and then I remembered that the Interpol nicknamed a group of international jewel thieves the Pink Panthers, you can read more about them in this Wikipedia article.

Don’t get any bright ideas now, it’s much easier to simply buy yourself a beautiful Crafted by Infinity diamond!

Photo credit: Stewart Image

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