Men are from Mars, Women are Right!

Men are from Mars, Women are Right!



I don’t remember where I first ran across this particular twist on the book title “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” but I like it. Call it a biased opinion if you desire, but that probably means that you’re a man. You know what it’s like to argue with a woman, right? Especially when I’ve got the right to publish or not publish your commentary, even edit it at will. You’re going to lose. Naturally arguing with me about the origin of man is of no consequence, since it has nothing to do with the subject at hand. This is so typical. You’re arguing before you even know what we’re talking about.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Photo courtesy of ejinsight.What I really want to talk about today, is this stupid survey out of Hong Kong which seems to imply that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend — but only if men agree.” There must be something inherently wrong with the basis of this HK-survey. I wonder what the exact survey questions happened to be. Because the survey implies that women in Hong Kong want a larger diamond, but that men aren’t complying with their wishes, and that therefore they must be stupid, being cheap, or simply not understanding our wishes about wanting a bigger diamond.

Now hold on a second. Ask me whether I want a larger diamond or not, I’m probably going to say “Yes” because, c’mon, uh, duh. But if you asked me whether I’d prefer Sparkle over Size, I’m going to vote in favor of “Diamond Light Performance” every time! Knowing all to well the mindset of traditional jewelers, and the slanted nature of most surveys, I suspect that the slanted nature of the answers, has to do with the slanted nature of the questions asked. We women aren’t really as unfriendly and demanding as the survey seems to imply. Nor do I believe that men are stupid, acting cheap, or not understanding the desires of the special woman in their life, as the survey results imply.

Regardless on where you stand on the issue, High Performance Diamonds is the solution. We have diamonds which sparkle, which is something we women really want. We don’t really want a diamond that is big, without the visual performance necessary for people to really take notice. Buying from HPD means that you can avoid overpaying for unnecessary carat weight, unnecessary higher color grades, or unnecessary higher clarity grades. Because the sparkle factor of the diamond that you buy from HPD is going to outweigh all of those characteristics that people worry so much about needlessly. Plus it tells us that you’re smart, really smart. Too smart to spend your hard earned money on weighty diamonds that lack visual performance! Take that, you Venus-and-Mars-antagonists!

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