Ho! Ho! Ho! Where’d the ring go?!?!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Where’d the ring go?!?!



The jewelry store Distinctive Gold in Frankfort, Illinois just completed the first known delivery of fine jewelry by drone in the United States. The delivery of an 18k white gold Concord watch went off without a hitch, which is a good thing because Tony D’Ortenzio, co-owner of the store, had to agree to accept financial responsibility for loss of the watch if anything went wrong! The drone delivery was initiated from the jewelry store, and had to be navigated skillfully through a myriad of obstacles including trees and power lines. When the mission was completed the drone had only 15 minutes of battery life remaining!

Santa Claus riding a droneI read this story with great interest because last week I had the opportunity to watch a real estate developer scouting out a resort property that his investment group had just purchased along the coast line, using a drone equipped with a camera. As we watched the drone fly out over the ocean, bobbing up and down with the wind, and turning to begin filming the property and the coastline below the hotel, the guy operating the drone turned to us and said “Risky Business” while laughing a bit nervously.

With the holiday season just around the corner, I know that a lot of guys are planning on proposing over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. No doubt that somebody is going to attempt to deliver an engagement ring using a drone. I just can’t help but picture Santa Claus riding around on a drone, shouting out “Ho, Ho, Ho, where’d the ring go?!?!”

It will be interesting to see what type of stuff people are able to create in the way of outlandish marriage proposals using drones as the delivery device, I’m sure that YouTube will be filled to the brim with them in no time at all – now that somebody has successfully pulled off the first delivery of a piece of jewelry using a drone! Bravo Mr. D’Ortenzio and Distinctive Gold on marrying tradition and evolution.

Read the Full Story in Instore Magazine.

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