It’s the law. “DIAMOND” means Natural Diamond.

It’s the law. “DIAMOND” means Natural Diamond.


Diamonds, Press Release

Announcing some important, groundbreaking news from the ISO. With the publication of International Standard 18323 the ISO explicitly defines the term “diamond” as one created by nature. If referencing anything man-made it is only permissible to use “synthetic diamond”, “laboratory-grown diamond” or “laboratory-created diamond” with no abbreviations.

Read the full Rapaport press release on International Standard 18323 here.

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This a big relief to me. And it should be to you too. Why? Because technology will advance, eventually making “laboratory-grown diamonds” cheaper over time. This kind of guaranteed devaluation is not a property of a true precious gemstone. By clearly defining DIAMONDS (natural) as separate from “laboratory-grown diamonds” (tech-made), synthetic diamonds will remain a substitute for a natural diamond, not the real deal. And it’s a pretty expensive substitute compared to CZ, for instance.


This changes the landscape of many things, even casual emails I get from manufacturers of quote…”lab created diamonds”…unquote. Woops! No abbreviations allowed anymore, sirs. You must use the entire phrase now.

Two Interesting Videos

There has been a tendency to frame laboratory-grown diamonds as a cheaper option to natural diamonds as in this video from CCTV’s Michelle Makori, below.

Psst…Michelle…you can’t say “cultured diamonds” any more, sister 😉

Meanwhile, industry authorities like Rob Bates of JCK caution against jumping to such conclusions. After all, natural diamonds are in finite supply. Eeek! Get them while you can! 🙂 Which is why I believe this ISO separation is a clear step in preserving the value of diamonds, which refers to the precious gemstones naturally birthed by mother earth, millions of years ago.

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