Is Bigger Better? How important is diamond carat weight?

Is Bigger Better? How important is diamond carat weight?



As anyone with experience handling diamonds will tell you, diamond cut quality dictates performance, and the size of the diamond is secondary, even though it is always something that we take into consideration. Thankfully you can deliver the best of both worlds if you learn to master the art of balancing the characteristics of a diamond, such as carat weight, color, clarity, and cut quality.

Suppose for a moment that you want to present your fiancé with a one carat diamond engagement ring, you have about $6,500.00 to spend on the diamond. Your brain is probably being squeezed six ways from Sunday, because common jewelry sharks have convinced you that the diamond also has to be of the highest color and clarity grade, but they are wrong.

Crafted by Infinity clarity photograph, HPD6846Here’s something you may not have considered, I am pleased to introduce Crafted By Infinity #6836, a 1.02 carat J color VS 2 clarity round brilliant ideal cut diamond. This dazzling diamond will blow away all of the 1-carat to1.25 carat rubbish you are seeing in common jewelry showcases, and will easily appear several color grades higher in the face-up orientation.

Crafted By Infinity #6836 will also deliver the same volume of light return and sparkle of a Crafted by Infinity round brilliant ideal cut diamond of a higher clarity and color grade, for a fraction of the price.

SEE IT FOR YOURSELF TODAY, using the free, no-risk, High Performance Diamonds See It To Believe It program. Take it and compare it. There is a reason more than 90% of those who use SITBI immediately purchase the Infinity Diamond. You literally believe it once you see it.

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