I like the rough stuff!

I like the rough stuff!



Rough diamonds | The uncut stuff | Pure crystalized carbonAs much as I love the polished diamonds produced by Crafted by Infinity, I have to admit that I like the rough stuff also… I’m talking about rough diamonds. The uncut stuff. Pure crystalized carbon hundreds of millions-of-years old. Those magical crystals that one might pass right by if you don’t know what to look for. In fact, that’s pretty much happened with the first diamond ever discovered in what are now known as the Diamond Fields of South Africa.

As the story goes, a couple of local kids were tossing around some rocks that they found in a field. One of them looked pretty cool, so he took it home with him.

The piece of diamond rough sat on the mantle over the fireplace for several years, until a geologist for a mining company noticed it while having dinner with the family. Surprise. Surprise. Your family is sitting on a diamond field. Some people have all the luck. Or so I imagine…

Anyway, I’m doing a little light reading this morning. Pouring over the details of the latest Global Diamond Production Forecast. I’ve got to admit, it’s pretty dry reading. But you might find it interesting, since very few people really have any idea about the business of diamond mining. You can get the scoop on how many millions of carats of diamonds that industry giants like DeBeers, Alrosa, and Rio Tinto plan on producing this year. Plus some insight on what they’re not planning to produce.

Read the Full Story at Paul Zimnisky Diamond Analytics

Photo courtesy of Crafted By Infinity bvba

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