How to buy a diamond without breaking the bank!

How to buy a diamond without breaking the bank!



How to buy a diamond engagement ring without breaking the bankSome stories just give you chills when you read them and this one from China did just that when I read it. Yingzhou Evening News from China reports that a young man in Anhui province used approximately 150 kilograms of coins to buy a diamond ring.

Thirty year old Liangliang has known his fiance for about twenty years, and as a child promised to save up the money that would be needed to marry her. This past Saturday he walked into a jewelry store in Fuyang city, carrying huge sacks of coins that he had saved up in order to buy her a diamond engagement ring. The total value of the coins added up to 12,000 yuan, which is about $1,933.00 USD.

According to reports, Liangliang used a tricycle to transport all of his money to the jewelry store, who has promised to preserve the money in their museum to honor this romantic gesture. The young man picked up the ring on Tuesday and is now busy organizing a proposal ceremony for his fiance, who broke down in tears at the gesture.

This story is truly touching. It reminds us that little things can add up over time to create larger, more special moments in life if we keep our eyes on the prize and work diligently towards our goal. It also reminds me of how wonderfully easy things can be for us here in the United States.

Wink from High Performance Diamonds was so touched by this story that he is already investigating the possibility of buying an automatic coin counter… always be prepared and all that… Boy Scouts.

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