Not just another Easter egg hunt, £20m up for grabs!

Not just another Easter egg hunt, £20m up for grabs!



It sure is weird how the world works. Apparently in the criminal mind, it makes sense to commit a major jewel heist, and try to operate under the radar. But as soon as they get caught, then they expect the police to drop everything and cater to their ever whim and desire.

Danny Jones, 58, has already admitted his part in the Hatton Garden jewel heist, which is reported to have been worth £20m in gems, jewelry, and cash. And now he wants to be released from his high security jail cell, into the custody of the police, so that he can show them where he has hidden his share of the loot.

Hatton Garden safety deposit box heistJones is one of four men who have pled guilty to conspiracy to burgle the Hatton Garden safe deposit center in London over the Easter holiday weekend. If the £20m was divided up equally, that would make his portion of the proceeds about £5m. You’d think that the police and the insurance companies involved would be interested in getting their hands on the stolen loot, but they don’t seem to be taking Jones up on his offer.

Jones has been writing letters to Crime Correspondent, Martin Brunt, expressing his desire to do the right thing and return the property that he and his partners stole from the safety deposit boxes stored in Hatton Garden, and frustration that the police are not responding to his offer as fast as he would like them to.

“They better hurry up, we don’t want anyone finding it, do we?” wrote Jones, who also said “I’m trying my best to put things right and for some reason they don’t want me to give it back.” But doesn’t it stand to reason that if Jones was simply trying to do the right thing, that he would simply tell the police where to find the hidden treasure?

Instead of taking the straightforward approach, Jones seems to be leading police down the infamous yellow brick road. But what everybody seems to be missing, is that Jones is basically telling us that he’s hidden roughly five million pounds, somewhere so obvious that somebody else might find it? Well, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! I think it might just be time for a winter getaway in London, no pun intended.

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