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How are High Performance Diamonds different?

Diamond Education takes time and research. Most people don’t bother beyond the basics. Believe it or not, an investment of just 30 minutes in our education tutorials will prepare you with more “quality knowledge” than many workday jewelry salespeople have pursued. Read More…

What are ASET and Ideal-Scope images?

All diamonds look nice under bright lights, but most become noticeably average in normal conditions. Those which continue to sparkle and dance have good cut quality. At High Performance Diamonds we separate cut quality into two areas; Cut Performance, which revolves around light return, and Cut Precision which can take top performing diamonds to an even higher level. Read More…

What are Hearts & Arrows and Optical Symmetry?

Micro Cut Precision first became possible in the late 1980s in rounds and is only now surfacing in fancy shapes. This is a measure of how well all of a diamond’s facets align with each other in 3D. It takes improved tools, more time and higher skill sets to accomplish top precision. More importantly it expends more carat weight. When present in top-performing diamonds, cut precision can boost optical properties and overall performance in low-light conditions. Read More…

What is your policy on Conflict Diamonds?

All diamonds we source are guaranteed conflict-free, from known legitimate sources and in compliance with United Nations Resolutions, the Kimberley Process and United States Clean Diamonds and Patriot Acts. “Crafted By Infinity” diamonds are further protected under the Belgian Federal AML process and voluntary participation in the JVC-USA Patriot Act Compliance Program. Read More…

Designs by Vatche

View Our Attractive collection by Vatche Here

Finished Products by HPD

A diamond is never so alive as when its sparkle is reflected in the eyes of its wearer. We feel that no photo we produce can possibly be as telling as the joyful images and videos sent in by delighted clients. We invite you to email those memorable moments to us. We will proudly post a page you can share with family and friends. Read More…


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21 Day Full-Refund Return Period

We are so confident you will fall in love with your High Performance Diamond that we offer a 21 day pre-purchase inspection period. Upon receipt of payment by bank wire transfer, or security authorization by a credit-card company, we are happy to send loose diamonds to you. You will have twenty-one (21) days of inspection, at any time during which you may return the item(s) for a full refund, less original shipping.

100% Jewelry Satisfaction Guarantee

All gold and platinum jewelry carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee on workmanship. Our craftsmen have extremely high standards and we expect no problems. However, you can rest assured that if the piece is found to be defective due to manufacturing we will either repair or remake it for you at no charge. Work on the piece by an outside jeweler will void this guarantee.

Diamond Quality Guarantee

You can be assured of receiving beautiful, genuine, quality diamonds from High Performance Diamonds. All diamonds are evaluated by experts who employ the top standards of clarity, color, cut and weight. Each gem you purchase from High Performance Diamonds is accompanied by a diamond grading report from a foremost industry recognized, reputable gem lab.

Authentic Colored Stone Guarantee

We unconditionally guarantee all colored stones to be accurately identified with weight and color description included. Stones are genuine unless specifically noted otherwise. Any treatments we are aware of will be noted. Stones such as sapphire and ruby are heat treated unless specifically noted to be natural color and not heat treated in their description. Blue topaz are found so rarely in natural blue that all blue topaz are considered irradiated to give them their color.

80% Lifetime Buy Back on 'Crafted By Infinity' Diamonds

For any reason you may return an undamaged Crafted by Infinity diamond and accompanying AGS report to us for buyback. Upon verification that it is in its original undamaged condition, locally and from the AGS, we will gladly repurchase it for 80% of what you originally paid. This may not sound like a great deal unless you have ever tried to sell a diamond back to a traditional jeweler where the typical offer is ten to thirty percent of the original purchase price.


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Conflict-Free Guarantee

Infinity Diamonds are produced in accordance with the United Nations Kimberley Process, Belgian Federal AML compliance, the United States Clean Diamonds Act and the voluntary JVC-USA Patriot Act Compliance Program in cooperation with legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict. Infinity Diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict-free based on perear knowledge and/or written guarantees with partners who are known to us and share a kindred commitment to humanitarian rights and “green” practices.

Lifetime Trade-Up

Infinity credits 100% of your diamond’s purchase price, less applicable tax and shipping, toward a more expensive Infinity diamond through the origina authorized Infinity dealer. Diamond rand grading report must be in original undamaged condition. Setting and other charges may apply.

Invitation to Meet The Cutter

Infinity owners are invited to annual reception-roundtables featuring founder and diamond designer Paul Slegers of Infinity Diamonds in Antwerp, Belgium. “Meet The Cutter” presentations are hosted by dealers in cities around the USA and Europe. Contact your authorized Infinity dealer for times and locations and come meet your diamond’s cutter.