Ellendale Diamond Mine Closure Rocks Australia

Ellendale Diamond Mine Closure Rocks Australia



After reading a story about the closure of the Ellendale diamond mine in Australia, I was deeply concerned about the social and economic impact that it is having upon the employees who worked at the mine, and the impact that it has had upon the environment.

Read the full story in The West Australian.

Apparently the Ellendale diamond mine primarily produced fancy yellow color diamonds, and was a major supplier of Tiffany & Co., however I decided to check with Paul Slegers of Crafted by Infinity just the same, and he assured me that Crafted By Infinity has never used crystals sourced from this diamond mine. In fact I was heartened to learn of the intense scrutiny and controls in Belgium relating to rough imports – which may well become the subject of another High Performance Blog entry.

Open pit mining at Ellendale Diamond Mine, Australia. Photo Credit Internet Stones dot comIt saddened me to see how a junior mining operation could simply walk away from its responsibilities, leaving unpaid workers and contractors in the wake of their mismanagement, and leaving the environmental issues behind for the Australian government to clean up.

I suppose that it just goes to show that even when found, diamonds are not free; it costs a lot of money to mine them, and the potential profits of selling them does not necessarily cover that cost.

Photo Credit: InternetStones.com

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