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Finding the Right Information

New diamond buyers are bombarded by Internet advertisements promising the best diamonds at the lowest prices. Who do you believe? Why do you believe them? Most important, how do you protect yourself and get the best value for your hard-earned money? By Zachary Miller

What If…

There was a seller who would not-only price-match other sellers, but would also provide a guaranteed Buy-Back Guarantee on the target diamond… even if you don’t buy it from him!*

Let me say that again: I’ll quote my Buy-Back Guarantee on any diamond you buy. I hope to get your business, but even if I don’t you’ll have that Guarantee in your pocket for the future.

*This applies only to round brilliant cut diamonds with GIA or AGS diamond grading reports, and is subject to our inspection of both the report and the diamond prior to any buy back.

What’s the Benefit of BuyBack?

This guarantee protects you against unexpected life changes. If you need to sell your diamond for any reason – like unexpected health issues or the loss of a job – you’ll have a standing offer on the table.

Upgrade vs. BuyBack

In an upgrade, you’ll return the original piece and some (or all) of your initial outlay will be applied to a more expensive item. You’ll only have to pay the difference. Upgrade policies can be very useful, and I’m offering a particularly generous one.

The buyback process simply involves you selling the jewelry for cash. Most jewelers don’t offer any kind of buyback opportunity, and those who do often limit the offer to one year. My Buyback Guarantee is for life, and applies even if you bought the diamond from a different seller. However, it’s only available during the purchase process.

Why is Buy-Back so Rare?

With no established resale market for diamonds, many jewelers are only comfortable using inside supply lines. While most jewelers can determine color and clarity value, 99.9% don’t know how to value the cut. Cut grades like EX and IDEAL span a wide range of different values, and these values do not always stay constant! This is not something that most jewelers will tell their clients, nor will they disclose the soft grading done in many labs today. (read more here).

As a result, it’s much harder to know how much a diamond is actually worth. Sellers may deal in diamonds that vary wildly in cut quality without even realizing it.

I have been associated with some of the world’s experts on cut quality and improvement. This means that I can assess a diamond’s geometry, as well as its given color and clarity grades, and provide a hard and standing guarantee.

How Much Will Be Offered?

With my preferred brand, Infinity Diamonds of Belgium, I make a standing BuyBack Guarantee of 80%. I can do this because Infinity Diamonds are consistent in every way and will always have a high enough value. I take great comfort sending this cash, knowing that in so doing I’m serving my clients with a better offer than they’re likely to find anywhere else, and that I’ve made a good investment.

With other round brilliant cut diamonds, I’m happy to examine the GIA or AGS diamond grading report (this only extends to diamonds with GIA or AGS reports) and calculate an offer.*

That offer is based on many collective details and will reflect a value relative to the trading price of that specific diamond if purchased from a supplier on the Antwerp market.

Some diamonds will receive a Buy-Back Guarantee near the 80% that Infinity Diamonds command. Others could be valued in the 40% to 70% range, or anywhere in between. It strictly depends upon the size, color, clarity and (especially) the cut particulars relative to what it would take to acquire and improve it to Infinity standards.

Get a Diamond Quote

*We reserve the right to inspect the diamonds from other sellers to assure ourselves that we agree with the grading report.

How Does This Work?

While I firmly believe that our Crafted by Infinity Diamonds represent the most extraordinary value for your money, I respect the fact that they do cost slightly more than most other diamonds, some of which are cut nearly as well as the Crafted by Infinity Diamonds.

If you send us a link to any round brilliant cut diamond with an AGS or GIA grading report, I’ll search for it online. If it’s possible for me to obtain that diamond, I will match it for you and place it under the umbrella of my services – including a BuyBack Guarantee. I have a great track record when it comes to acquiring diamonds offered on someone else’s website.

Matching Your Diamond By

If I can’t acquire the exact diamond that you want, I can usually find one that’s functionally identical, and meet or beat the listed price.

As long as we can get a quote on a diamond, we’ll be able to give you a written BuyBack Guarantee for it.

Does the BuyBack Apply if Prices Go Up?

That won’t be a problem. The guarantee is one-sided – you have no obligation to take me up on the offer. If you can find better conditions elsewhere, you’re free to take advantage of them.

Here, I am just giving you a guarantee, not knowing if you will ever take me up on it. This holds true no matter how the diamond market evolves. In that sense, my buyback offer is also a way to compare the true underlying value of various

At the time of this writing, I know of no other Internet vendor offering an 80% buyback. I know of one other vendor offering a 75% buyback. There are a few who offer a 70% buyback, but theirs only lasts for one year. Most offer no buyback whatsoever. As far as I know, I am the only vendor who offers a guaranteed buyback on diamonds that I did not sell.

I hope that you’ll never need to take advantage of our BuyBack Guarantee. However, I expect that you’ll agree there is an added comfort in knowing that you have the option of using it.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to getting to know you!

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