Echoes of diamond engagement rings past

Echoes of diamond engagement rings past



dinosaurIt seems to me that every generation thinks that the next generation is leading us towards hell in a hand basket. No doubt that a lot of retail jewelers and diamond dealers are going to panic when they review the findings of a survey sponsored by the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) which is scheduled to be released in June at the JCK Trade Show. One of the first things to catch my eye was the statement that “Diamond jewelry can seem ‘too formal’ for this generation.”

That generation being the Echo Boomers, which are also known as Millennials, people born between the years 1980 – 2000. A fact that I had to look up. Heck I had to look up the year of my birth to figure out which generation I’m supposed to be a part of. I’ve never understood why I have to be grouped into some sort of social class based upon the year of my birth. It seems to me that regardless of what year we are born, we are individuals, each unique with different preferences, expectations, and experiences.

Which is why I take comments like this with a grain of salt. Apparently one person surveyed said “If I see a girl wearing diamond earrings, I would assume they were from Forever 21. I would never assume they were real. I would never expect anyone to wear something that expensive walking around on the street.”

Is that comment really supposed to reflect the opinion of an entire generation? Quick, somebody tell my niece, maybe she won’t want diamond earrings for graduation. Perhaps that comment simply reflects the opinion of a single person, rather than the values and beliefs of an entire generation.

Towards the bottom of the article, they start to discuss what it is that people really seem to want these days… Authenticity and value. But is that really a new concept? Isn’t it really more of a return to old world values? Quality over quantity. An appreciation for craftsmanship. Diamonds produced by Crafted by Infinity. All that stuff that Old Guy Wink is always blathering on about. By the way, he’s from Generation Dinosaur! I looked it up.

Read the Full Story in JCK.

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