Dumpster Diving for Diamonds

Dumpster Diving for Diamonds



Dumpster Diving for Diamonds. Mystery of missing Manhattan gems solved.A New York security guard has been arrested for criminal possession of stolen property, after he allegedly pulled between five and ten million dollars worth of diamonds out of a dumpster. The New York Post broke the story last week, reporting that $10 million dollars in diamond had been stolen from a midtown jeweler who had reportedly left his safe unlocked. Now the New York Post is reporting that the mystery of how $5 million dollars in diamonds went missing has been solved. Apparently they know what went down at J. Birnbach Inc., at Fifth Avenue and 47th Street…and it seems the employees at J. Birnbach, Inc., aren’t as brilliant as the diamonds in their vault.

I say this because allegedly the diamonds were stored in three weathered looking boxes, which Jonathan Birnbach had tucked somewhere out of the way for safe keeping. According to the article, he initially told the police that the diamonds had been in the vault. Now it’s being reported that one of his employees discarded three antique looking wooden boxes without looking inside them, while they were moving to another floor in the building.

I have to wonder what kind of idiot removes three old wooden boxes from inside a vault, and tosses them out in the trash without looking inside?!?! For that matter, what kind of idiot removes any kind of box from a jewelry store without looking inside? I don’t throw out any kind of box without looking inside… Imagine if these boxes contained work orders for customers, instead of store inventory. I shudder to think.

Moving on. While “somebody” inside the store apparently didn’t bother to look in the boxes before throwing them out, a security guard for the building noticed the boxes sitting in the trash and decided to take a peek. Which is when he apparently found a whole bunch of loot. Which he failed to report to the proper authorities, and now he’s facing charges of criminal possession of stolen property.

But were the diamonds actually stolen? As I understand it, an employee of J. Birnbach threw them out with the trash. Thus the security guard actually didn’t steal anything, he found it. Thus it sounds more like an instance of lost and found gone bad… The security guard definitely should have reported his findings to the police, instead of selling some of the diamonds to another jeweler in the building. But is he really in possession of stolen goods if they were thrown out?

If I were sitting on the panel of jurors, I don’t think I’d be able to grant a conviction in this case. Unless perhaps the judgement being sought was under the guise of blatant idiocracy without a license. Speaking of idiocracy, are the diamonds worth five or ten million dollars? Are we talking wholesale, or retail? Because when I’ve asked Paul Slegers of Crafted by Infinity, or Wink from High Performance Diamonds, how much money they’ve got tied up in diamond inventory, they’re always able to provide me with an amount that doesn’t include a spread of five million dollars.

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