Dripping with Diamonds at the Oscars

Dripping with Diamonds at the Oscars



Diamonds and Jewelry at the Oscars, Charlize Theron, photo courtesy of Forbes MagazineEverybody is buzzing about who wore the best jewelry at the Oscars. Ooh la la. Was it Charlize? Was it Olivia? What about Kerry? Those lovely ladies all wore booming, fun pieces just dripping with diamonds under the spotlights. And yet, secretly, *I* felt like the winner.

Why? Because nothing beats quality, and I strive for the very best in important areas like friends, family and (of course) precious jewelry. So while I enjoyed the lovely parade of Oscars-eye-candy, I couldn’t stop from smiling as I watched my own Crafted By Infinity diamond throw fire and rainbow sparkles at me. I’m certain that anyone in the Oscars audience wearing their own Crafted By Infinity diamond felt the same way.

Now don’t get me wrong! I wouldn’t mind stepping out in Naomi Watts’ dazzling choker, or sliding on Charlize Theron’s amazing necklace and (gulp) red dress. But no sponsor-supplied evening gown or diamond studded adornment can possibly compare in meaning or in performance to my beautiful Crafted By Infinity diamond. It’s a fact. Scientifically and visually, my ring finger blows those star-studded pieces away. Bam. Take that, Jennifer Garner!

In all seriousness, Wink from High Performance Diamonds told me a story a while back, about a certain film producer (name withdrawn for her privacy) who wore a pair of Crafted By Infinity diamond earrings she had purchased from him to wear at the Oscars. Apparently one of her corporate sponsors gave her a $300,000 pair of earrings to wear instead. But the earrings were so heavy she kept taking them off and putting the Crafted by Infinity diamonds back in her ears instead.

Whenever one of the sponsors’ representatives would see this, they would come over and demand that she put their stuff back on, to which she replied that she must remove them or cry – and she chose not to cry. This went on all evening and finally she was allowed to turn them back over to the sponsor after her movie did not win.

Her classic pair of Crafted by Infinity diamond earrings cost less than 1% of the monsters she removed. More importantly, they were the right look for her and were more comfortable to wear. No disrespect to any of the beautiful pieces we saw this year, but that corporate-clunky-stuff usually focuses on carat weight, with hardly any emphasis on cut quality… That’s the only “C” of the 4C’s that really matters by the way. The incredible sparkle factor provided by exceptional cut quality trumps carat weight every time!

Nothing beats the classics, and nothing is more classic than a 57-facet round brilliant diamond crafted to the highest pinnacle of performance perfection by the celebrated Infinity team. That’s the winner, in any size. More fire. More sparkle. More life.

(I’d like to thank the Academy, and everyone who voted for me.)

Read the Full Story in Forbes Magazine.

Photo Credit: Forbes Magazine, photo by Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP

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