Down the Rabbit Hole of the Luxury Diamond Market:

Down the Rabbit Hole of the Luxury Diamond Market:



I have to admit that sometimes I buy one item over another at the grocery store simply because I like the way it is packaged better, but these are usually little items, or perhaps a bottle of wine. But apparently some luxury retailers of diamonds approach selling diamonds in similar fashion, relying upon slick looking packaging, marketing slogans, and some down right weird gimmicks, such as mixing diamonds into a martini and selling it as a “Martini on the Rock” which is available at the Blue Bar of the Algonquin Hotel in New York City.

A night in the Jewel Suite at the New York Palace Hotel will set you back $25,000.00 but they toss in a complimentary diamond micropave ring which is valued at $2,500.00 which sure beats the complimentary not-so-stunning breakfast that was included in the price of last hotel that I stayed at.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Tokyo, Japan offers a $14,000.00 martini that is poured around a one carat diamond valued at $8,000.00 and served up in front of a view that is reportedly truly spectacular, but I’d probably have to drink quite a few martinis before I forget that there appears to be a $6000.00 difference between the value of the diamond and the cost of the “Diamonds Are Forever Martini”.

Read the Full Story in Bloomberg Business.

Crafted by Infinity Diamonds Meet The Cutter Paul SlegersClearly I need to discuss some of these marketing ideas with Wink Jones, and Paul Slegers of Crafted by Infinity. Perhaps we can slip a one carat Crafted by Infinity round hearts and arrows diamond into a glass of fine Belgian ale at the next Meet The Cutter event and sell it for $16,000.00 or maybe Paul and John Pollard can put together a magic show, charge $25,000.00 for a ticket, and pull a $7,000.00 diamond out of your girlfriend’s ear. That would be impressive!

Surely the clients who have met Paul Slegers at one of the Meet The Cutter initiatives hosted by Crafted by Infinity have returned home with tons of stories, and great memories that are far more fun and interesting than the fun fact of being served a diamond in a martini glass.

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