Diamonds smuggled out of Nazi Germany

Diamonds smuggled out of Nazi Germany



Diamonds smuggled out of Nazi Germany…a family fleeing for their lives…carrying diamonds and family heirlooms to pay their way to the new country… it has all the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster movie. And it’s real. A little too real for me actually, I can’t think of an engagement story that has moved me more. A story that tugs at the roots of our ancestral heritage and encourages us to appreciate the freedom which we now enjoy.

Diamond engagement ring smuggled out of Nazi Germany. Photo credit Kym VentolaNo doubt that this is an impressive diamond engagement ring. But the story behind the journey which brought this diamond to America is much more impressive and memorable. The center stone in this ring is from a diamond necklace which the Salzburg family smuggled out of Germany while the country was under Nazi control. It is from a collage of diamonds and precious gems that the family purchased the day they fled Germany. They were only permitted to leave with the clothes on their backs. They had to surrender all of their property and assets in order to obtain permission to leave the country. Can you imagine? Leaving everything you know behind to flee for your life?

This story is one I feel every person must read for themselves. I don’t feel I can do it justice by summarizing it any more than I have already done. It is such a powerful example of what many of our ancestors had to endure simply for us to exist today. I urge you to read the full story in the Huffington Post. Congratulations to the happy couple. Derek is a documentary filmmaker. I wonder whether he will turn this chapter in family history into a documentary film. It is definitely one that I would watch.

Photo credit: Kym Ventola

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