Diamonds join the war on cancer.

Diamonds join the war on cancer.



University of Sydney medical breakthrough using diamonds to detect cancerResearch scientists from the University have created a method of detecting cancer using nanoscale synthetic diamonds that are injected into the body and then tracked using a combination of trace chemicals and a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine. I’m not even going to pretend to understand the science behind this amazing technology, you can read the abstract in Nature Communications. Needless to say, that I just think that it is incredible that my favorite gem stone might be used to detect cancer in the early stages and save some lives!

The press release published by the University of Sydney is fascinating to read and was a lot easier for me to understand. Now that the team has developed the ability to detect early onset cancer by injecting synthetic diamonds into the body, the next step is to begin testing on animals. The team is also exploring the possibility of using scorpion venom to target brain tumors using MRI technology.

I find it absolutely fascinating that nano-size diamonds can be used to do things like detect cancer and save lives. While I normally write about the joy you will experience when wearing a CBI-diamond, it is exciting to know that diamonds can also play an important role in our lives from the perspective of our health and longevity. Will wonders never cease?

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