Diamond theft at Hong Kong jewelry show

Diamond theft at Hong Kong jewelry show



Look up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, you’re busted! It’s both sad and amusing that the two women that can be observed in this video would try something as stupid as trying to switch out a cubic zirconia for a diamond at a trade show where security is always on high alert, as it is in most diamond showrooms.

Diamond theft at Hong Kong jewelry showWatch the women positioned on the left and right sides of the table, while the sales associate sitting in the middle shows them diamonds at a jewelry trade show in Hong Kong, China. The woman on the right reaches into the right side pocket of her dress, and pulls out a cubic zirconia which is a diamond simulant that she proceeds to switch out for one of the diamonds being shown on the table.

The woman on the left side of the table is doing her best to distract the sales associate, this is a classic technique, but apparently they aren’t aware that there is an eye in the sky watching their every move, along with several other sales associates in the near vicinity.

At first everything seems to be going according to plan, but then the women get nervous, and for good reason because the sales associates are on to them; the woman on the left side of the table makes a last minute attempt to toss the diamond behind her using her right hand, but it’s too late, the whole thing has been caught on video and they’re busted!

I wonder if we should submit this to one of those dumbest criminal television shows? Anybody with experience working in the jewelry industry should be smart enough to know that where there are diamonds and jewelry, there will be lots of security and surveillance.

Be sure to watch the video for the whole story courtesy of The Israeli Diamond Industry.

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