Diamond Quality Index by State

Diamond Quality Index by State



Diamond quality by state, source WP DiamondsI’ve read and analyzed a lot of reports that focus on the diamond supply chain, but a recent report issued by WP Diamonds took a new twist. It focused on which states have the biggest and most expensive diamonds. The data was compiled from the last 15,000 consumer inquiries submitted to the company by people interested in selling their diamond jewelry. The color gold was used to indicate states where the most expensive diamonds were located. Dark blue represents the second most expensive diamonds by state. The study also provided insight into which diamond shapes were most popular by state. I wonder what HPD clients have to say about this insight?

It is important to realize that the ranking is based upon the second-hand value of the diamonds, not the retail or appraised value. The states of Maryland, Michigan, and Illinois, topped the charts for the largest diamonds being offered for second-hand sale.

One thing I know for certain, clients of High Performance Diamonds who purchase Crafted by Infinity diamonds don’t have to worry about trying to sell their diamond online. Because HPD offers a lifetime trade-up and buyback policy. That’s peace of mind.

Photo credit: WP Diamonds

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