Diamond thieves get to wear the best hats!

Diamond thieves get to wear the best hats!



Chinese woman arrested for planning diamond theft, photo courtesy of SCMPBlack is the new Black. You don’t have to take my word for it, just take a look at the picture of this Chinese woman who is fashionably attired in this stunning medieval style black bag headdress designed by the Hong Kong police department. I have to say that it goes strikingly well with the black bow tied to her grey dress. Interestingly enough, this photo was taken outside the Hong Kong International Jewelry Show, it isn’t even fashion week in Hong Kong. Those eye holes just scream “Trick or Treat!” hold on, here’s some candy!

With Halloween just around the corner, I’m certain that several of my readers will be anxious to get their hands on this Black Bag of Doom costume from China. Here’s all you have to do to get it… Simply attempt to enter the Hong Kong International Jewelry Show while carrying a fake diamond in your purse, then act real suspicious so as to get noticed by the authorities.

That and simply harboring the intent to steal jewelry will get your head stuffed in a stylish black bag and hauled off to jail where you could face trial in China for “going equipped for stealing” which carries a prison sentence up to three years. This might seem a bit overzealous for those of us born under the stars and stripes and swaddled in the comfort of the Bill of Rights, but it might not be without reason.

More than five million Hong Kong dollars worth of jewelry were stolen on the first day of a jewelry show at the same convention center three months ago. Seven visitors from mainland China were arrested in connection with some of the cases. Black Bags for Everybody!

Read the Full Story in SCMP.
Photo credit SCMP.

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