Do you want Diamond 4Cs with those fries?

Do you want Diamond 4Cs with those fries?



Now here’s something cool. At a time when the most common employment options available to high schools students seems to be a career in fast food, a new educational program might pave the way for them to enter the diamond and jewelry industry. The Diamond Council of America’s Beginning and Advanced Jewelry Sales courses have been approved by the Louisiana Department of Education for use in the state’s high school curriculum. It is one of more than 100 career based certification classes that high school students in the state of Louisiana can choose to participate in. The class is also available in parts of Georgia, New Jersey, and Texas.

Diamond Council of America’s Beginning and Advanced Jewelry Sales coursesThe staff of High Performance Diamonds and the extended Crafted by Infinity diamonds family think that is is a wonderful idea. It is nice to know that young people entering our field might actually have received some in-depth training that goes beyond the Basic 4C’s of Diamond Grading that they’re likely to learn at the entry level positions offered by most jewelry stores. We wonder to what extent they might teach the subject of Diamond Cut Quality and the effect that Optical Precision has upon the Light Performance of a diamond. We would definitely be honored to volunteer as guest-professors if any of the students would be interested in gaining perspective on this subject.

John White, superintendent of the Louisiana Department of Education, said: “Every high school student in Louisiana should graduate college-and-career-ready, with real world experience and industry certifications for the careers they intend to pursue.”

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