Crafted by Infinity & Single Source Chocolate

Crafted by Infinity & Single Source Chocolate



How is a Crafted by Infinity diamond like the finest Single Source Chocolate?

I received this email from my associate Paul Slegers of Crafted by Infinity diamonds.  As I read it, I realized that not only does it make me salivate for a taste of this incredible chocolate, but that his analogy of his unique practice of controlling every aspect of his magnificent Crafted by Infinity diamonds from the selection of the starting crystal to the finished diamond is spot on!  With CBI there is NO SELECTING of diamonds from other cutters. They ARE the cutters. It’s the reason for the incredible preciseness that Paul Slegers maintains by having each and every diamond selected and each step of the finishing process inspected by members of his elite team.

Here is his message . . . . .

paul-bio-640-white3“Hi Wink. On Monday, I discovered single-source-chocolate at my favorite coffee-spot. Caffe Mundi did it again. There is so much comparison in what they do with coffee with Crafted by Infinity.

Anyway, I tasted single-source-chocolate from Madagascar and from Costa Rica. It was amazing, the taste of flowers and berries, comparable and even much stronger than certain tastes you can get in wine.  And this in chocolate, containing respectively 80% and 75% cocoa. Normally, with such percentages, you have a lot of bitterness, and this was not bitter at all.

So, how does this come about?

Using high quality cocoa from a single source, one can roast the beans much more lightly, allowing the tastes and aftertaste to come out and avoiding the bitterness. This single source cocoa is roasted by Cross Roast, then turned into chocolate by an artisanal chocolate-producer in Mechelen. Each bar is individually packed, with a hand-written production-number.

In comparison, factory-produced high percentage chocolate is a mixture of various sources, with longer roasting and ‘blending’ into a standard taste, with a lot of bitterness. In essence, it’s only when you taste the single-source that you will understand the difference. Much like when experiencing Crafted by Infinity on your finger, you also understand.

And yes, I am already planning for my next trip, not to bring chocolates in the shape of diamonds, but to bring bars of single-source-chocolate. There is a story to tell, very much comparable to Crafted by Infinity.”

. . . . . So Cool!

2014-08-27-09-28-47I am very excited for my friend Paul to arrive this fall.  I always enjoy his company and the fine chocolates that he brings, but this time the chocolate will be even more extraordinary and I will contemplate the quality of his diamond cutting with each and every savory bite of this wonderful sounding chocolate.


P.S.  For those who might be interested, especially those who live in or plan to visit Antwerp, please visit Caffe Mundi. It’s an incredible little craft-coffee boutique, very close to the main square of Grote Markt. Tell them Wink and Paul sent you.

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