Trade-up & BuyBack

Trade Up & BuyBack Policies

I know, you are not buying a diamond with the idea to sell it again. Still, some day, your children, grand-children or great-grand-children possibly will, and what they will get, will reflect the current minimum-value of the diamond. Surprisingly, most diamonds sold in our country come without any buy back-guarantee at all. Down the road it can be an unpleasant surprise to find our your vendor will only offer a small fraction of what you paid on their purchase. This is why I suggest all diamond consumers ask their vendor for a specific buy back guarantee on whatever stone they are considering. If I get the basic information about a stone I find it relatively easy to calculate my perception of minimum-value, so any vendor should be capable of doing this. And if you do not get a satisfactory answer elsewhere, feel free to ask me for my opinion.

Crafted By Infinity – Buy Back

My unmatched Buy Back Policy of 80% shows how I see the enduring value of diamonds Crafted-By-Infinity. They are simply the best. Period. And since the Infinity team crafts every diamond from start to finish they’re consistent and precise beyond other brands, which all purchase their goods from a number of mass-manufacturers. They have no hands-on control over production and are choosing their diamonds (in whatever is the most cost-effective way for them) only after they’re finished. For any reason you may return an undamaged Crafted by Infinity diamond and accompanying AGS report to us for buyback. Upon verification that it is in its original undamaged condition, locally and from the AGS, we will gladly repurchase it for 80% of what you originally paid. This may not sound like a great deal unless you have ever tried to sell a diamond back to a traditional jeweler where the typical offer is around 20-30% percent of original purchase price! The policy is payable 90 days from the receipt from AGS of information that there is no damage to the diamond and that a new AGS report is being issued.

Crafted By Infinity – Trade Up

High Performance Diamonds will credit 100% of your Crafted by Infinity diamond’s purchase price, less applicable tax and shipping, toward a more expensive Crafted By Infinity diamond through High Performance Diamonds. The diamond must be in original undamaged condition. Setting and other charges may apply. We send all diamonds submitted to us for trade-up or BuyBack to AGS for verification that there is no damage to the diamond. A new Diamond grading report is issued at that time. Trade-Ups are ineligible for discounts or any other offers. As a rule, a Crafted By Infinity Diamond may only be traded up towards another Crafted By Infinity Diamond. However I am always willing to discuss practical options. In short, it does not hurt to ask.

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