See it to Believe it

See It To Believe It

sitbismallWhy do I have a SITBI policy?

Because I sell the finest cut diamonds in the world and I believe that you must see them to believe them. When you have seen them, you WILL believe them. Given the small production of these precisely cut Crafted by Infinity Diamonds, even hardened professionals who have not seen them for themselves have NO IDEA how incredible these diamonds really are. You really must SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT!!!

Infinity Diamond What is the SITBI policy?

Since I believe so strongly that you must see these diamonds to appreciate the subtle, yet important visual differences between these and other very well cut diamonds. I have decided that you deserve the chance to see them on my expense rather than yours to see if I am telling the truth about how incredible these diamonds look. Since I can not show you with today’s technology, I will pay the shipping and insurance, both ways, so that you can see the diamond at no shipping expenses to you.

Honestly, I expect you to fall in love with the beauty of these magnificent diamonds, that is my belief. Yet should I be wrong, you will have enjoyed seeing the diamond at no out of pocket expense.

How can I take advantage of this policy?

1. Download and print the form

2. Initial each of the statements.

3. Scan and email to [email protected], or fax to (+1) 800 524-7904.

4. Send a wire transfer or ACH payment to cover the cost of the diamond, which will be fully refunded upon return of the diamond in undamaged condition, should you decide the diamond is not for you.


While you are waiting to receive your diamond, please watch this short video that explains what you will be seeing when you examine your Crafted by Infinity Diamond.

How to look at a diamond:

In addition to an education on how to compare diamond quality you will learn some of the “tricks of the trade” involved in looking at diamonds.


The SITBI-policy is meant to be simple. This policy could already be matched elsewhere, but they can never send the beauties that I am able to send you. Real Crafted by Infinity diamonds..

I know this, whether or not you buy my diamond, you will enjoy having seen it.

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