Jewelry Repair Service

Bench Work and Jewelry Repairs

repairformIf you are wanting us to make repairs, exchange stones or rebuild or refurbish your existing jewelry, please ship it to us with the following file completely filled out: Download Repair Request Form.

Before any work is done, our benchmen will take a look at your jewelry to make sure what you want to do is possible and to give you a quote for the work. We will have your approval on the work to be done and the costs before we begin any work or make any alterations to your jewelry. We can often make repairs and have it back to you in just a few days.

Remake – Have broken prongs, bent shanks, missing stones, damaged parts or a design you just have never been too thrilled with? Think about having it remade, repaired, reconditioned or replaced.

Reset – We can exchange old stones for new. Want to upgrade that diamond or try a new shape or color? How about some new stones for sentimental can’t-part-with mountings or bottom-of-the-drawer dwellers that just weren’t quite “right”?

Remount – We can take old jewelry and breathe new life into them with updated, beautiful new mountings. Take your cherished stones and create a new heirloom quality piece. Our expert benchmen can turn old, tired settings into new exciting pieces you’ll enjoy wearing again.

Refresh – Do you have a piece that you have worn forever and you still love it, even if it looks a little battered? Let us polish it up and check and repair any prongs that are not still strong to make it look just like NEW again. It is amazing what a little love and elbow grease can do with your old treasures to make them new again.

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