What do Rolls Royce and Crafted by Infinity have in common?

What do Rolls Royce and Crafted by Infinity have in common?



The diamond industry is reeling in the wake of the disastrous scandal involving the hacking of the GIA database, which affected more than 1000 diamond grading reports. The fact of the matter is that the events related to this tragic event could have longstanding effects upon the diamond industry as a whole, since the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory is considered by many to be the leading authority on gems and gemology. The article “Rolls Royce axles never break” by Vinod Kuriyan, raises some key points that need to be addressed by the diamond and jewelry industry, namely that the trade needs to elevate the level of integrity and service that it provides.

Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy Centenary Collection

Thankfully the concept of providing service comparable with Rolls Royce is something that High Performance Diamonds and Crafted by Infinity are well familiar with. They are fully on board when it comes to providing top notch service, and they operate from the highest pinnacle of ethical standards. Service for HPD is not a side-aspect of the business, it is the essence. In my experience, they hold themselves to incredible standards, and that is why they enjoy such a phenomenal reputation and customers who are fiercely loyal.

While High Performance Diamonds has high hopes for the industry, and hopes that they raise their standards, HPD prefers not to wait until the industry has fixed their issues top deliver the very best, which is why we limit our diamond supply to those produced by Crafted by Infinity.

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