Buying Diamonds is Not an Investment

Buying Diamonds is Not an Investment



In an interview with the Mineweb Investment Resource, Yair Shimansky, CEO of Shimansky Diamonds said “Buying diamond jewellery is not a financial investment. It’s an emotional investment in your relationship. Walk away from the jeweller who tells you to buy a diamond ring because ‘it is a good financial investment’. You don’t go to a retailer to make a sound financial investment.”

Diamond buying is emotional, not an investmentWe couldn’t agree more. We’re especially pleased with the sentence contained in the article which reads “If you are investing in cut and polished diamonds, you want to ensure a superior cut by a skilled cutter.” Notice Shimansky’s use of the word ‘Superior’ and not Excellent, nor even Ideal.

Have you ever wondered why High Performance Diamonds can offer you a guaranteed 80% buyback on your emotional investment? It is because the superior cut of Crafted by Infinity guarantees the underlying investment to be stored safely against the travels of time.

Our diamonds are cut to a level of perfection that extends far beyond what diamond grading laboratories take into account when grading diamonds for factors of diamond cut quality, like polish, proportions, and symmetry, which contribute to the overall cut grade.

Paul Slegers’ commitment to fine-tuning the 3D optical precision which is apparent within all of our round brilliant cut diamonds, requires a higher level of attention and achievement than any diamond laboratory accounts for. Every facet polished upon the surface of the diamond must literally be quite perfect, and placed in alignment with every other facet from the perspective of 360 degrees, creating a diamond that offers greater edge to edge light return, bigger and bolder burst of fire and more on-off pop to the scintillation!

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