Birds eye view of diamond mining

Birds eye view of diamond mining



Birds eye view, diamond mining using drones to photograph mining operations in GuineaYou know from previous articles that we’re fascinated with drones here at High Performance Diamonds. There was the story about Ho Ho Ho Where’d the ring go? and the Marriage Proposal involving the drone and diapers. Now drones are being used to map diamond mines and reduce disputes over landlines in Africa. This is pretty cool if you ask me… A joint task force used this multi-prop drone in Guinea to create a detailed map of artisanal mining operations. Thereby making it possible to better define the extent and borders of individual mining operations in record time. The task force met with residents of villages in the area, as well as mining operators so that they would be more familiar with the drone operations, and obtained permission from the government prior to implementing their use.

The intent behind the study was to provide better insight into the extent of mining operations in the area, better define the property lines of those operations, make it possible to identify active mining operations, identify those mines which are no longer in operation, and other important stuff. Doing so enables the local government and authorities to maintain better records of diamond operations for tracking purposes in accordance with the Kimberley Act of 2003. It’s very interesting to see the positive effect that drones can have upon our lives, instead of all the scary stuff we often read about in the news.

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