B-B-B-Boyfriend wanted, must have $20 million plus in disposable income!

B-B-B-Boyfriend wanted, must have $20 million plus in disposable income!



Lesotho Letseng Gem Diamonds Mine recovers 357 carat piece of diamond rough, photo courtesy of Agencee CofinApparently U.K. based diamond producer Gem Diamonds, sold a 357 carat piece of diamond rough last week for a mere $19.3 million dollars at a rough tender held in Antwerp, Belgium last week. I can’t believe that I missed out on that stone… I was just getting ready to enter a bid on it when I realized that it was going to sell for about twenty million dollars more than I had in the bank. And I really had my hopes built up, I really did, the level of disappointment that I’m feeling right now is absolutely legendary! Enough so, that I’m considering accepting applications for boyfriends, the most important qualifying factor being that they have at least $20 million in disposable capital laying around so that I can be sure I’ll be able to secure the next such diamond produced by the Letšeng mine, which Gem Diamonds acquired in 2006.

Because this is the second diamond weighing more than 300 carats, that’s three hundred carats (!) to come out of this mine in the past year! And thus this is the second time that I’ve suffered this type of gut wrenching disappointment! The last diamond that slipped right through my fingers was a 314 carat, which was sold in June. I don’t know how much more of this I can take… And more such disappointment is likely to be thrust upon me in the very near future, because the mine has produced four of the twenty largest gem quality white diamonds ever to have been recorded.

Naturally I’m going to want Paul Slegers of Crafted by Infinity to cut the next gigantic 300+ carat rock plucked from the Letšeng mine (or anywhere else anything comparable is discovered for that matter) into a stunning Crafted by Infinity hearts and arrows round diamond! I’m not suggesting that we have to get married or do anything drastic like that, oh no, you just buy the rock honey. Cutting diamonds of this magnitude take longer to plan than we’re likely to be together, but I’ll remember you fondly every time I look at it.

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Photo credit: Agencee Cofin

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