Another marriage Proposal by Drone…with Diapers!

Another marriage Proposal by Drone…with Diapers!



Chines man proposes marriage by drone and diapersA Chinese man proposed marriage by Drone & Diapers recently. Instead of getting down on one knee and proposing, the man named Feng bucked tradition and threw caution to the wind. He used a drone to deliver an engagement ring that was tucked inside of a pack of diapers, while they waited atop another stack of diapers by the Pearl River. This is the second piece of jewelry to be delivered by drone in recent weeks, the first to our knowledge being a fine gold watch by a jewelry store in Illinois.

NDTV in China reports that when Feng’s girlfriend ripped open the bag of diapers, she discovered a diamond ring inside. Feng purchased the engagement ring and planned the proposal after discovering that his girlfriend of two years was pregnant. But you probably realized that by now, unless like most guys you’re a bit slow on the uptake [HA!]

So just how many diapers are we looking at here? 4500 to be exact, fifty bags of diapers! I’ve got to hand it to this young man, he came up with a rather creative way to say “Marry Me” and embrace the situation which he and his girlfriend found themselves in… After Feng said “From now on, your happiness and the baby’s happiness are my responsibility. Marry me!” of course she had to say yes!

This of course gives me an idea! I’m not exactly going to fall over and swoon over a heart made out of diapers, but if anybody would like to propose to me while I sit on top of a heart of equal size, formed out of a couple million carats of Crafted by Infinity diamonds, I’m apt to accept. I rolled the idea by Wink of High Performance Diamonds, who also thought it was a brilliant idea, provided that the diamonds are paid for in advance of being produced, and that the proposal is made after the twenty one day inspection period. I’m not quite sure how to take that, but those appear to be the conditions under which I’ll get engaged. 21 day inspection period, after which there are no refunds.

P.S. from Wink of High Performance Diamonds: We offer a generous 21 day inspection period, along with a trade-up and buy back policy for all Crafted by Infinity diamonds purchased on an individual, stone-by-stone basis. But if you purchase Faith, you’re on your own, there is no inspection period, no trade-up option, and no buy back. All sales which include Faith are final.

P.S.S. from Faith: This from the guy dumb enough to give me full access to the inner workings of his site. Laugh it up Bright Boy, laugh it up.

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