8.52-carat Esperanza Diamond found in Arkansas

8.52-carat Esperanza Diamond found in Arkansas



Ok ladies: Anyone who comments on this lady’s thumbnail should consider all the mani-pedis she can afford now. Plus, the effort she made certainly paid off!

That’s right. Bobbie Oskarson from the city of Longmont Colorado, located bit north of Denver, struck gold diamond while passing through the southwest corner of Arkansas. It was just a lark which brought Bobbie and her boyfriend to visit the Crater Of Diamonds State Park, but this lucky strike was no accident!

At 8.52 carats, the Esperanza Diamond, named after Bobbie’s niece, is the fifth-largest diamond found in the park’s history. Longish in shape and a beautiful white color, value will depend on close expert assessment (and whether Bobbie even wants to sell it). If so, I’m pretty confident it’ll cover all the costs of that trip and many more! For anyone interested, more than 75,000 diamonds have been found-and-kept by park visitors in its century-plus history. Located in southwest Arkansas; you folks in Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma are only a “stone’s throw” away (get it? ha ha). Road trip anyone?

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Photo credit: Crater Of Diamonds State Park

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