29 year old jewelry designer takes De Beers by storm

29 year old jewelry designer takes De Beers by storm



29 year old jewelry designer takes De Beers by storm, Hollie Bonneville BardenTwenty nine year old jewelry designer Bonneville Barden is making quite a splash in the diamond industry as the head jewelry designer for De Beers, for one thing she is the youngest person to hold the position. While we do not hold De Beers’ efforts in retailing jewelry in high esteem, we must applaud them for giving such a tremendous opportunity to a young person, usually such positions are held by people with more experience, but whom might not have the benefit of youthful enthusiasm and fresh new ideas.

De Beers, which is a name synonymous with diamonds, has its own brand of diamonds and jewelry. The purpose of Bonneville in the De Beers organization is to inject more creativity into the brand. And she is definitely doing just that, by creating all the new designs intended to commemorate the upcoming ten year anniversary of the De Beers Talisman collection, which features jewelry that contains a mixture of polished and rough, uncut diamonds.

Diamond rough is of course what De Beers is most widely known for, they are one of the oldest names in the diamond business, and one of the largest suppliers of the diamond rough that diamond cutters like Paul Slegers of Crafted by Infinity work their magic upon to make diamonds come to life.

Read the Full Story in the Observer.

Photo credit: Hollie Bonneville Barden.

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